Serbian Brides-to-Be Race to Cover Wedding Costs

Jul 23, 2012 5:34pm
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                                                                              Image credit: Darko Vojinovic/AP Photo

A group of Serbian brides, decked out in wedding gowns and running shoes, gathered in Belgrade to race for the ultimate prize: help paying for the wedding.

Around 50 brides-to-be gathered for the annual event on Sunday, according to The Associated Press.

The women ran in a 150-meter dash outside of the Serbian parliament, some even tying knots in their wedding gowns to make it easier to run.

Some women hoped to save on the ever-expensive wedding costs, while others said they participated just for the fun.

“I wanted to try something new and to have fun,” bride-to-be Milica Novkovic told the AP. “I often run to stay fit, so I figured why not participate in this event.”

The winner, Sanja Cigoja, crossed the finish line in just 19 seconds, earning a much cheaper wedding than expected.

Those who didn’t win were just glad to be a part of the race.

“My groom was waiting for me at the finish line, but [since I didn't win], the wedding is off this year,” a competitor named Vesna joked. “I arrived to the finish line second to last. I was close, better luck next time. Taking part in this event is more important than winning.”

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