Woman Swallows $4,000 Ring in Department Store

Angela Winters Hardman, accused of swallowing a diamond ring to pawn it. Courtesy Davis County Jail.

A Utah woman has admitted to swallowing a $4,000 ring and pawning it for $600.

After trying on an engagement ring in a Macy's near Salt Lake City on May 13, police say Angela Winters Hardman, a 38-year-old woman from Sandy, Utah, handed back a noticeably different ring. When questioned by the salesperson, Hardman denied having switched rings. Police were immediately called, but said they did not have enough evidence to arrest Hardman.

"When we were able to get video later, you could see some movements towards her mouth by her hand, but you couldn't really tell what happened to the ring," said Sergeant Jon Arnold of the Sandy Police Department.

Police confronted Hardman seeing the video, and say she admitted she had swallowed the ring, let it pass through her digestive system, and then pawned it.

Police were unaware she had pawned the ring at first. Although all sellers' names are entered into a pawn shop database, Hardman's had been listed incorrectly.

She has been charged with felony retail theft and is awaiting trial.

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