ABC News Map: Nyad Swims Short of Goal; Congressman Skinny-Dips in Galilee; Russian Woman Kills Neighbor With Bra

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Missouri: GOP Pressures Rep. Todd Akin to Quit Senate Race

Rep. Todd Akin releases an ad asking for forgiveness for his comments on rape, and will make a decision about whether to remain in the race by 5 p.m. today. Watch Report.

Florida Straits: Diana Nyad Pulled From Water, Ending Historic Swim

Endurance swimmer Diana Nyad was pulled from the water this morning, ending her historic Cuba-to-Florida swim. Her support crew told ABC News, "The dangers were so great that we couldn't risk anyone's life, including her own."

Bagram, Afghanistan: U.S. General's Plane Attacked

The plane of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Gen. Martin Dempsey, was damaged after Taliban militants fired rockets at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan.

Damascus, Syria: Forces Kill 23 Rebels in Town Near Damascus

Activists say government forces have stormed a rebel-held town outside the Syrian capital Damascus after days of fierce fighting, killing at least 23 fighters.

California: Feds Close Slaughterhouse After Abuse Video

Federal regulators shut down a Central California slaughterhouse Monday after receiving undercover video showing dairy cows - some unable to walk - being repeatedly shocked and shot before being slaughtered.

Ethiopia: Leader Meles Zenawi Dies at 57

Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia's longtime ruler and a major U.S. counterterrorism ally who is credited with economic gains but blamed for human rights abuses, died of an undisclosed illness.

Romney and Ryan Condemn Congressman Who Went for Skinny-Dip in Israel

Mitt Romney said he thinks a congressman's late-night skinny-dipping episode in Israel last year was "reprehensible."

Russia: Woman Kills Elderly Neighbor With Her Bra

The Investigative Committee in Buryatia said in a statement today that the 26-year-old woman from the town of Zakamensk, just miles north of the border with Mongolia, has been charged with murder of her elderly neighbor.

Pennsylvania: Woman, 72, Robbed Twice in a Single Day

Police say a western Pennsylvania woman had her checkbook stolen and, as she went to the police station to report the crime, her purse was swiped.

New Hope, Minn.: Real-Life, Role-Play Game Lets People Re-Live the Bin Laden shooting

Sealed Mindset Firearms Studio, which teaches firearms and personal safety in New Hope, Minn., is offering a special, limited-time exercise in which people can enact a SEAL-type mission and kill a fake Osama bin Laden.

Germany: 26 Alleged Neo-Nazis on Trial

Twenty-six alleged neo-Nazis are on trial in Germany on accusations they were responsible for a spate of attacks on liberals in western Germany.

Puerto Rico: Police Protest, Seek Salary Redress

Hundreds of police officers in Puerto Rico are taking to the streets to demand higher salaries and the payment of back wages.

Dubai, UAE: Small Fire Sends Smoke in City's Largest Mall

Officials in Dubai say a small blaze at one of the world's largest malls brought fire crews to the scene but was quickly brought under control.

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