Dad Wears Skirts to Support 5-Year-Old Son Who Dons Women's Clothing

A German man whose 5-year-old son likes to wear women's clothing, including dresses and skirts, has started wearing skirts himself to show support for the boy.

"Sometimes men simply have to be role models," Nils Pickert said in an interview with the German EMMA magazine, according to a rough translation from Tumblr user steegeschnoeber .

Pickert said his son was afraid his fellow students would make fun of him in nursery school.

Pickert lives in a small south German town whose residents hew to very traditional values, so the boy's love of dresses has caused a stir.

One town resident stared so hard at the little boy that she walked face-first into a street light, Pickert told the magazine.

"Yes, I am one of those fathers who are trying to raise his children with gender equality," Pickert said, according to The Daily What. "I'm not one of those pseudo-intellectual daddies that rambles on about studying gender justice, and then, as soon as the child is born, falls back into the comfortable and clichéd gender roles."

Pickert said his son now feels so comfortable that he is wearing nail polish.

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