Groom Gives Unsuspecting Bride the 'Dunking of Her Life'

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The biggest prank at a wedding usually comes during the reception when one half of the newlywed couple smothers their new life partner in the face with a big slice of wedding cake.

For British groom Richard Hay the ultimate prank came even before the reception started, when he whisked his new bride, Lysa Morrison, away to take pictures in the waters off South Beach, along England's northern coast, after their July 14 wedding ceremony.

Hay, 33, convinced Morrison, 39, to wade into the chilly water with him to pose for a photo they could treasure forever. He did the gentlemanly thing of holding his bride up and out of the water to avoid the crashing waves, but it was all a ruse.

Once the couple was squarely in the water, Morrison reached up to Hay's face for a romantic kiss. But instead of cameras capturing that moment forever, the wedding photo the couple will always have is one of Hay dumping his bride into the bay, tossing her into the chilly waters as her face turned to shock.

"I must have swallowed about three mouthfuls of seawater," Morrison told Britain's Sky News after she had, presumably, dried off. "I was choking and bringing up horrible water."

The prank by Hay, described by his bride as a well-known joker, took place in front of the couple's wedding party, family and friends, and Hay could not have been prouder.

"Watching everyone's reactions was quite satisfying. It was like winning the FA Cup. The highlight of the year," he said. "I took the opportunity to give her the dunking of her life."

Hay may be gloating now but he should keep an eye out for the rest of the couple's "till death do us part" years together.

While his bride, who must have known what she was marrying into, laughed at the prank and took it all in stride, she also plotted her revenge.

"I will get him back though," she told Sky News. "I don't know how or when, but I will get him back."

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