In Olympic Sport of Pin Trading, Anyone Can 'Medal'

Olympic Sport of Pin Trading

From left to right, former Olympians Julie Foudy and Summer Sanders talk with Don Bigsby about pin trading. Credit: Jake Whitman/ABC

No other American has brought home more "medal" from more Olympics than Don Bigsby.

"I've been to 14 Olympics and I can't stop," he said.

This man from upstate New York is the undisputed king of the only Olympic sport anyone can qualify for: Pin trading.

Bigsby has been hooked on collecting Olympic pin memorabilia since the 1980 Winter Games in Lake Placid and said he has over 100,000 pins now.

"I stopped counting," he said.

For three decades, Bigsby has presided over the "Olympin" Collectors Club, an organization he co-founded, which now has 600 members in 32 countries. Every two years, pin collectors flock by the thousands to the summer and winter Olympic Games, trading and dealing.

So " Nightline" gave Bigsby his toughest challenge yet: Turn two former Olympians into so-called "pin heads."

Julie Foudy and Summer Sanders don hats outfitted with Go-Pro cameras in preparation. Credit: Jake Whitman/ABC

Watch what happens when Summer Sanders, a four-time Olympic swimming medalist, and ABC News Olympics contributor Julie Foudy, a former U.S. women's soccer captain, go head-to-head in the Olympic sport of pin trading:

"I've got my game face on," said Julie Foudy (left). Credit: Jake Whitman/ABC

Julie Foudy tries to make a deal with a seasoned pin trader at the 2012 London Olympics. Credit: Jake Whitman/ABC

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