Louisiana Doctor Rides Child's Bike to Surgery

(Courtesy BRASS Surgery Center)

Many doctors don't hesitate to go that extra mile to help a patient, but for Dr. Catherine Baucom not even a traffic jam could not stop her from saving a life.

Baucom, a doctor at the Elliott Mastology Center in Baton Rouge, La., was on her way to the BRASS Surgery Center Aug. 22 when she found herself stuck in a traffic jam caused by a multi-vehicle accident that closed the interstate, WAFB reported.

Luckily, Baucom, 37, remembered her friend, and fellow doctor, Brian Barnett, lived a few blocks away so she ditched her car and called him to come to her rescue.

"Catherine called, she was outside my house. She said 'Hey do you have a bike?' I walked outside and said 'yeah, it's a kid's bike,'" said Barnett told WAFB.

Barnett loaned the almost six-foot doctor his 7-year-old's hot pink bike, which Baucom decided was her only way to get to work. She even wore the child's pink helmet with princesses on it.

But Baucom's mission to save a life was halted again when police stopped to question her. Baucom explained the situation and police offered to escort her to surgery, but not without videotaping her, she told WAFB.

Baucom's patient and co-workers were grateful, but not surprised by the surgeon's eagerness to get to surgery. Many of Baucom's patients are women from out of town, she told WAFB, so she "felt like I needed to get there for them."

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