Meet Mini, the Dog As Small As Your iPhone

Jon Beal/BNPS

Queen Elizabeth may have her Corgis, but the puppy stealing hearts and breaking records in Britain is a Yorkshire terrier chihuahua mix no bigger than an iPhone.

The dog, appropriately named Mini, weighed just 1.3 oz at birth; Mini's believed to be Britain's smallest dog, according to the Daily Mail.

Mini was born one week ago in a litter of seven puppies who all easily tripled her in size. The pint-size pooch has been nursed by hand by her owner, 29-year-old Emma Williams, every two hours since she was born, in addition to being fed by her mom.

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The result? Mini now weighs 1.9 oz, big enough to rejoin her siblings but still nowhere near the 4.5 oz weight typical of puppies her age and breed, the Daily Mail reports.

"Mini was the second puppy to be born so at first I thought she was a normal size and the other was big and chunky," Williams, from Sandbanks, Dorset, England told the paper. "But as the others came out it became apparent she was so dinky, I couldn't believe it when I saw just how small she was, the others were at least three times her size."

Neither Williams nor her veterinarian could document any other dog born in Britain being so small.

Williams plans to put Mini, who is expected to weigh only one-and-a-half pounds at full size, and the rest of the litter up for sale once they are all healthy.

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