Samuel L. Jackson Unmasks His Inner-Superfan in Olympics Tweets


No time to read lengthy coverage of the Olympics online, and no patience to wait to watch the competition in prime time?

No problem. You can get robust coverage of what's happening in London in 140 characters or less thanks to an unlikely source, the Twitter account of actor Samuel L. Jackson.

The "Snakes on a Plane" star has proven himself to be an unabashed, red, white and blue-loving Olympics fan on the social networking site, live tweeting every sport from swimming to handball, boxing, gymnastics, table tennis, synchronized diving and water polo.

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Since the Olympics started Friday, the actor has averaged about 20 tweets per day, up from the four or five per week he wrote before the Games.

Jackson's 1.138 million Twitter followers got the first hint of the star's love for all things Olympics Friday night when he tweeted, "K! Getting that MOLYMPIC#### Fevah! GO TEAM USA!!!!!" as the Opening Ceremony got underway.

Later, he turned fashion critic, writing, "OK, there were some real fashion f***ups in that parade of nations! Some I understand, others…….."

From that point on Jackson, 63, has been rooting the world's top athletes, particularly Team USA, on in hilarious fashion.

"WHHHOOOOO! Women's 4X 200 Beatdown!! Lovin' it!, go USA!!" he wrote for the women's swimming races.

"Now That was a MUHSPRINTAPFUKKAH of a race! GOLD FOR ADRIAN!!! Go USA!" he tweeted Wednesday.

Jackson's enthusiasm, while not always family-friendly, more like his "Pulp Fiction" character than a TV commentator, is contagious.

"Heeeeeere We Goooooo! Women's Gymnastics! I BELIEVE!!!! Go USA!!!" he tweeted before the Fab Five's gold medal-winning performance Tuesday.

Sports like water polo have proven to be a big hit with Jackson: "Hey y'all, more Water Polo dopeness!US vs Hungary, HOTTNESS in a shoot out!!" he tweeted Monday, while others, like boxing and kayaking, have proven less so.

"Tried to watch Boxing, BORING! Might need to change to UFC/MMA style to draw interest!" he wrote, along with a later tweet, "Bout to shut it down. Looks like Romania ain't what it used to be … in gymnastics. prolly gon fall asleep to that White Water Kayaking!"

The fun for Jackson didn't stop there. Take a look at some of @SamuelLJackson's best Olympics coverage.

" US hacks out a Beach Volleyball win to advance! Lil' drama for a minute!"

"Uh Oh, Pommel Horse next! Thass like Balance Beam for dudes! Horse def has US men's numba! Oh well, Go USA!"


"Awrite, who knows the rules in this Handball sh**?! It's fast & furious though!"

"Dope A**start for the women gymnasts! Feeling' good about our chances! These judgement sports are sketchy…@ best!"

"Craig Sager is wearing NORMAL clothes!!! There has to be Olympic Pimp Gear available, I saw the opening ceremony!!!!"

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