The Global News Quiz! (All taken from this week's "Global Note")


1) Name Ann Romney's Olympic horse.

2) Which world leader flew to London - for a judo match?

3) Three suspected al-Qaeda members were arrested in southern Spain. Besides explosives - they were said to be carrying documents related to what?3) Vladimir Putin.

4) Name the head of the European Central Bank.

5) What - besides rain - fell from the skies over Belarus?

6) Beyond the Chinese players who were disqualified - the World Badminton Federation punished players from which other countries?

7) Which British gold medalist had British troops cheering in Afghanistan?

8) What turned up in a beachfront pool on the Australian coast near Sydney?

9) Name the two well-known Americans who caused stirs in Warsaw.

10) Which team was dubbed "the worst team at the Olympics"?

11) What is Egypt doing, to bring tourists back?

12) Why did we mention the Uganda Tourism Association?

13) Which international figure said his job had become "impossible"?

14) Which sport does Wojdan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shahrkhani take part in?

15) How did a New Zealand taekwondo fighter fund his Olympic dream?


1) Rafalca.

2) Vladimir Putin.

3) Drones and/or paragliders.

4) Mario Draghi

5) Teddy bears. The President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko fired two generals this week on charges they allowed a Swedish advertising firm to invade the country's airspace and drop teddy bears from planes. Those bears were adorned with signs promoting democracy and knocking Belarus's authoritarian government.

6) South Korea and Indonesia.

7) Rower Heather Stanning - a member of the British armed forces.

8) A humpback whale.

9) Mitt Romney - for the ruckus near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier; and Madonna, for scheduling a concert on the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising.

10) The British handball team, which has a lifetime record of 9-62. They're only in the Games because the host country can enter every sport without qualifying.

11) Egypt is planning to reopen tombs, many for the first time in decades. The tomb of Queen Meresankh III will be opened for the first time in nearly 25 years, as will five other tombs of high priests.

12) The Association says its members are seeing massive cancellations due to an outbreak of Ebola.

13) The U.N.'s Syria Envoy Kofi Annan.

14) Judo.

15) By running a brothel.

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