The Global News Quiz…test your knowledge!


1) We've been paying lots of attention to the would-be hurricane named Isaac. What's the name of next named storm?

2) The Special Operations' "Seal Team Six is back in the news because of a book written by one of its veterans. Name the book.

3) Which accused killer was judged sane?

4) Whose plane was hit by rocket fire?

5) Name the African leader who passed away.

6) Which African leader suspended her own son?

7) Lance Armstrong may lose his Tour de France titles. How many did he win?

8) According to the Wall Street Journal, what are Europeans cutting back on?

9) What are Canadians doing more than ever?

10) Which company became the first to announce it would open an office in Myanmar.

11) Police in Peru seized more than 16,000…what?

12) Who do British archeologists believe they may find - under a car park?

13) What famous international figure's grandson spent an hour in jail?

14) Why was an emergency hospital in Qatar overrun with patients?

15) What is returning to Spanish television - after a six-year hiatus.

16) What yearly event began this week at the London Zoo?

17) And what creature made news at the Susaka Zoo?

18) Who was Bao Bao?

19) About who did a spokesman say, "She gave it all she had."


1) Joyce.

2) "No Easy Day."

3) A Norwegian court found Anders Behring Breivik sane.

4) Joint Chiefs Chair Martin Dempsey.

5) Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

6) Liberia's Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. She suspended her son Charles, a Deputy Central Bank Governor, along with 45 government officials in a move to reduce corruption in Liberia.

7) Seven.

8) Coffee. More here

9) Shopping in the United States.

10) G.E.

11) 16,000 dried seahorses. The powder from these is used in China.

12) Richard III. Richard, characterized by Shakespeare as a wicked hunchback with a withered leg, was killed at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.

13) Mandla Mandela, the oldest grandson of Nelson Mandela, was not able to get off the hook entirely after a warrant was issued for his arrest on Monday for failure to appear in court in an alimony case.

14) Doha's Peninsula newspaper reports that the overeating of fatty foods and sweets after the fasting month of Ramadan sent hundreds of people to the ER at Hamad Medical Center. In just 12 hours, 1,125 people were admitted for stomach-related problems.

15) Live bullfighting.

16) The annual weigh-in. It takes several months and involves using ordinary kitchen scales for the penguin chicks and a giant flat scale on the floor for the gorillas, among other things.

17) A pesky penguin in Nagano is giving zookeepers at the Zoo quite the headache - with his repeated attempts to escape.

18) One of the world's oldest giant pandas. Bao Bao, who was given to West Germany by China in 1980, died this week.

19) Marathon swimmer Diana Nyad.

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