My Extra Ordinary Family: Inside the World of The 21 Member Bates Family Airs at 9 pm ET

True Confessions Airs at 10 pm ET

9:00 - 10:00 pm: "My Extra Ordinary Family"

"20/20? takes a look at what it takes to raise a mega family. They are not a church choir or a baseball or soccer team - they are the Bates Family - Gil and Kelly and their 19 biological children, all of whom reside cozily in their sprawling home outside of Knoxville, Tennessee. The Bates learn together, play together, pray together and sing together. Find out what it's like to raise the youngest County Commissioner in the state, a preacher, a gifted pianist, a chef and a talented photographer. Juju Chang anchors. (OAD: 8/24/11)

10:00 - 11:00 pm: "True Confessions"

Waiters admitting that they've eaten from customers' plates and shocking video of a pizza server's unappetizing toppings… a Human Resources exec dishing on what your company will say to your face while it is plotting to fire you… get ready for a big dose of the shocking truth as Chris Cuomo, and 20/20's team of correspondents get the dirt from the professionals we depend on, who confess what they really think of their clients, patients and employees. Plus, a mom makes the ultimate confession - that she is a porn star. Chris Cuomo anchors. (OAD: 4/27/12)

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David Sloan is executive producer of "20/20."

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