Cat Survives 100-Mile Journey in Car's Bumper

They say that cats have nine lives but a 6-week-old kitten in New York might already be on her 10th.

The cat, nicknamed "Pumpkin," survived a 100-mile, 22-hour ride wedged to the outside bumper of her now-owner's car, surviving only because her tiny meows were finally heard.

Stacey Pulsifer, of Plattsburgh, N.Y., had crisscrossed 100 miles of interstate highway in her Jeep between three towns to attend a wedding when she finally stopped for coffee at a McDonald's, the Press Republican reported.

Besides the sounds of the drive-thru, Pulsifer also heard the tiny sounds of a meowing cat coming from her car. She kept driving while wondering from where the sound was coming. When the meows persisted, even after she arrived home, she called in reinforcements to help her search.

"I didn't know what to do so I called my friends to come help," Pulsifer told the paper. "We literally ripped my car apart."

After tearing through the car, what Pulsifer and her two friends found, in the black of the night, was a tiny black kitten wedged in the Jeep's bumper, her face inches from the ground.

"We called the police, we called the emergency vet. Who do you call when something like this happens?" Pulsifer said, also admitting she cried in panic.

The trio were finally able to maneuver the kitten free but discovered she had a broken paw. Pulsifer, also the owner of another cat, Lucabella, adopted the kitten, coming up with the name "Pumpkin," after a friend, according to the Press Republican.

"Pumpkin" is in a sling and will have to eventually have her front leg amputated, but she's alive and well, thanks to the loving care of Pulsifer, along with the nearly $800 she says she has spent on her miracle cat.

"You can tell she's definitely grateful to be alive," Pulsifer said.

Attempts made by to reach Pulsifer today were unsuccessful.

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