Extreme Biker Performs Death-Defying Stunts in San Francisco

Dubbed the "King of the Viral Bike Trick Video," Scotland-born Danny MacAskill has made the hills of San Francisco his latest playground, and he has captured it all on video for the world to see.

A YouTube video titled, " Danny MacAskill vs. San Francisco" chronicles the bike rider as he makes his way through the city, where he performs death-defying acts including balancing his bike on a thin rail overlooking a cliff in the San Francisco hills.

"You're always looking 'round, thinking: 'How could I jump that rail and jump to this wall?'" MacAskill said in the video. "And that is just how I've always thought, and [how] I think I always will think."

The video shows MacAskill in various parts of the city using the landscape and structures like fountains and fences to ride his bike on or over.

"There are certain parts of street trail riding that always takes a lot of practice and a lot of precision. You know when you are riding along a spiky fence or a railing, you know you really have to focus 100 percent and really put everything into it," he said. "You think you are going to come off of it at any second, but somehow you manage to sort of piece it all together and make it to the end."

MacAskill's bike-riding skills caught media attention in 2009, when his friend, Dave Soweby, filmed a video of him riding around Edinburgh, Scotland, and set it to the Band of Horses song, "Funeral." Soweby and MacAskill's video, " Inspired Bicycles," has been viewed more than 31 million times, making it his most-widely viewed video.

His newly acquired fame also afforded him the opportunity to carry the Olympic torch this past summer.

"The only reason I ride my bike is for fun," MacAskill said. "My bike has also allowed me to travel the world and meet loads of cool people and really do things that I just never thought I would be able to do. It's a real adventure and I am very lucky to do what I do."

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