Texas Mom Accused of Aiding $6,000 in Home Vandalism

A Texas mom has been arrested and charged with felony criminal mischief for her alleged participation in a neighborhood prank that caused an estimated $6,000 in damages.

Tara Mauney, 41, was charged for the July vandalism of a home in her upscale neighborhood in Colleyville, Texas, in the Dallas-Forth Worth area.

Mauney allegedly bought supplies to help a group of middle school students who were having a sleepover at her house vandalize another neighborhood home where a separate sleepover was going on, according to ABC News' Dallas-Fort Worth affiliate WFAA.

The allegedly victimized homeowners found chicken in their mailbox and words like "whore house" and "sluts" smeared in Sharpie and mustard on and around the house, according to an arrest affidavit o btained by WFAA. There were also reportedly feminine products doused in ketchup strewn about the property.

Mauney's attorney Tom Hall vehemently denied that his client had anything to do with the vandalism.

"I believe that she has been wrongfully accused and charged," Hall told ABCNews.com. "I think the timeline has gotten confused."

Authorities say they have video of Mauney purchasing over 100 rolls of toilet paper at a Walmart before the incident, but Hall said that does not prove that she was involved in the derogatory vandalism.

"I think she did buy the toilet paper and I don't think that's a crime in the state of Texas," he said. "Tara had absolutely nothing to do with any criminal conduct."

Hall said that it is fairly typical for neighborhood kids in Mauney's neighborhood to toilet paper other houses and that the community takes it in stride as a childhood prank. He said other houses were toilet papered on the same night.

"There was some high-spirited behavior that night," Hall said. "The neighbors came out, waved at each other…no harm, no foul."

He claims it was later in the night, once Mauney and other parents were already in bed, that the children sneaked out and vandalized the house.

He said the children who wrote the derogatory words should be punished, but that they are simply using Mauney as a scapegoat.

"These are decent, hardworking, responsible citizens in a very nice neighborhood that have had their lives blown apart in the last few days," he said.

Mauney is out of jail on bond and is expected to appear in court later this week.

(Image credit: Obtained by ABC NEWS)

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