Woman Allegedly Torches Car for Breast Implants

VIDEO: Louisiana police say Amanda Perkins planned to use money from fire damage for cosmetic surgery.

East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office

Amanda Perkins Williams allegedly went to great lengths on Sept. 21 to get money for breast implants.

Williams, 23, of Baton Rouge, La., was arrested Wednesday for simple arson, as well as arson with intent to defraud, after authorities say she set her car on fire in the parking lot of her apartment complex at 5116 Highland Road. She planned to use the money from the fire damage for plastic surgery, police said.

"That is unreasonable. You can think of a lot better ways to make that money," one resident told WBRZ reporter, Michael Shingleton.

But Williams wasn't the only "victim" in her crime. One man missed her initial warning to stay away from that area of the parking lot and, as a result, his car suffered $14,000 in fire damages because he was parked next to Williams' Mitsubishi Eclipse.

According to the arrest warrant, Williams openly admitted how she set the fire, "by placing a Burger King wrapper in the gas tank and leaving the sun roof open and pouring gasoline inside the car and igniting the paper and walking back to her apartment to shower."

"She warned me that a car was going to be on fire, and then a few moments later I look out my window and the car's on fire," a witness told WBRZ.

"We see arson cases for several different reasons. Insurance fraud cases, cases where people are angry. There's just so many reasons that arson takes place," Curt Monte, the Baton Rouge Fire Department's public information officer told ABC News. "It's such a hard thing to solve because in arson, a lot of evidence is destroyed. But we have trained investigators trained to find that evidence, obtain warrants and make arrests."

Williams was arrested and booked into Parish Prison Sept. 26, but bonded out within the same day. Her father, Tyrone Perkins, maintained her innocence.

"We're going to defend ourselves in court. We were advised by her lawyer not to talk to anyone. All it is, is crazy," Perkins told ABC News.

If convicted, Williams faces up to 15 years in jail and $15,000 in fines.

"My client is innocent until proven guilty, and we will make sure that she gets the best possible representation," said her attorney, Hester Hilliard.

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