Alleged Bank Robber Arrested After Passing Out Marked Money At Strip Club

VIDEO: Michigan man arrested for armed robbery in connection with an Oct. 4 bank holdup.

Memo to bank robbers: Don't take stolen money marked with red dye and start tossing it around a neighborhood strip club.

That's what a 37-year old man outside Detroit allegedly did last week. Todd Jason Kettler from Rochester, Mich., was arrested Sunday after the manager of a Kalamazoo Township strip club called police to inform them that Kettler "was in his establishment passing out money that was covered in red dye," according to a press release from the Southfield Police Department.

Only three days earlier just before 1:00pm a white male brandishing a handgun had robbed a Charter One bank in Southfield of an undisclosed amount of money.

"He went into the bank and basically demanded money from two of the tellers," Lt. Nick Loussia, a Southfield PD spokesman, told ABC News. "They complied. No one was injured. He fled and our responding officers weren't able to locate him."

For days, the bank robber had seemingly gotten away. Until that call came in that someone was passing around marked money - and "large amounts of money" at that, according to Loussia - at a strip club.

"Kalamazoo Township Police responded and interviewed the suspect," Southfield PD said in a statement. "Their investigation revealed that the suspect was responsible for a bank robbery in the city of Southfield."

Kettler was arrested and turned over to Southfield police. He was arraigned Tuesday and is being held on a $1 million bond.

In an effort to find stolen money, banks frequently use packs of dye that burst on to both the bills and the suspect.

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