Animals, They're Just Like Us: Sneezing Edition


Sneezing is not just for humans. Animals sneeze and even even cute Internet animals sneeze. And, believe it or not, cute baby Internet animals sneeze, too. We've rounded up some of the best cute animal sneezes the Internet has to offer, along with some helpful commentary, below.

Sneezing Baby Panda Frightens Mom

This is further evidence that pandas have become synonymous with cuteness. This 17 second video of a mother panda jumping with fright at its baby's sneeze has been viewed over 150 million times. It has also amassed over 250,000 "likes" in the six years since it was posted to YouTube.

Chihuahua Sneezing Fit Though not nearly as popular as the baby panda, this clip of a chihuahua wriggling with every sneeze is just as adorable. "I think my dog Lucy has hay fever!" writes user sorroweludesme. Hopefully Lucy has a microchip in case she blows herself away.

Mucus-y Meerkat A meerkat whips itself into an allergic frenzy as it digs into the dirt and chases its own tail. The only way this critter could be any more endearing is if it were also opening a Christmas present.

Killer Kitty? At first glance, this appears to be a very angry cat. But it turns out it's just having a very long sneezing fit. It probably just needs a baboon nurse.

Baby Elephant Scares Himself Sick Some people on safari managed to catch a baby elephant so scared of its own sneeze that it ran and hid under its mother. She didn't seem interested in the family as they stared at her, perhaps because they were not speaking Korean.

Singing or Sneezing? In this video, a tiny kitten either sneezes or sings along to the music. Soon, maybe it will start mimicking human speech, too.

Allergic to Humans This baby kangaroo seems both annoyed with and allergic to a woman as she pets him at a zoo. Let's hope, for the woman's sake, it doesn't get litigious like this 'roo.

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