Wacky Feats Reached on Guinness World Records Day 2012

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Several world records were shattered this week on 2012's Guinness World Records Day, which saw a reported 420,000 people come together to topple and set new records - including 28 women cramming into a tiny car, the world's longest didgeridoo note and perhaps a new record for "sport stacking."

The annual worldwide event on Nov. 15, now in its eighth year, commemorates the day in 2004 when Guinness World Records became the world's bestselling copyright book. Over the 24-hour period, thousands of people come together worldwide to see what new records can be set.

In London, 28 women gathered at the River Thames to break the Guinness World Record for fitting into a Mini Cooper. Participant Charlotte Austin was pleased when the group ultimately succeeded.

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"I was basically keeping everyone packed in behind me, and had someone's arms wrapped around me, my legs were up in my face," she said.

In Australia, the record for the longest note held on a didgeridoo was shattered by a New South Wales teen.

"We're absolutely thrilled that Lackland Phelps, a 15-year-old from Scone has come here today to attempt the record, and it has been a successful attempt as well at 65.6 seconds," Chris Sheedy, Guinness World Records Adjudicator said in a clip posted on the Guinness World Record website.

Other record attempts were for extreme pogo jumping in the U.S. and eye socket weight lifting in the U.K. And across the globe, hundreds of thousands of kids were participating in "sport stacking," looking to break the record of 412,259 people simultaneously building pyramids with plastic cups. The goal was to get to 450,00, but it won't be known until officials confirm it, which could take a few weeks.

Those who are inspired to set a world record of their own are encouraged to head to the Guinness World Records official website.

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