Inside Syria: ABC News Reports on the Thousands of Displaced Syrian Refugees and the Threat of Chemical Warfare in the War Torn Country

VIDEO: ABC News Alex Marquardt takes a look at the families impacted by President Assads regime.

ABC's Foreign Correspondent Alexander Marquardt has been reporting from Syria and the war torn country's border with Turkey - spending time with the families who have been displaced within the country and those who are trying to flee to neighboring Turkey in an effort to escape the violence.

"Many would prefer to stay in Syria rather than crossing the border into Turkey, but it's clear that many others yearn for the relative comfort and safety of the camps there," Marquardt writes on "Turkish camps along the 500-mile border are housing almost 140,000 Syrian refugees but for now they are only accepting the most vulnerable as they build two more camps to accommodate the relentless flow of those seeking shelter."

In addition, Marquardt has reported on the concerns regarding President Assad's regime potentially using chemical weapons to suppress the opposition.

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