Kicker Gets Noticed by NFL After Video of Trick Shots Goes Viral

Your eyes aren't deceiving you.

The man in this video is a normal 28-year-old from Norway, but he's kicking an American-style football with such precision that it makes you think it has to be fake.

It is 100 percent real, however, and has turned Havard Rugland into an Internet sensation, even generating attention from the NFL.

"It started this summer vacation and we made a trick shot video of me kicking a football," Rugland told ABC News.

The video now has more than one million views on YouTube since it was originally posted in September.

"I think it's around 1.1 [million], actually, now," added Rugland.

Pro football's New York Jets were among those vast amounts of views. Since Tim Tebow couldn't answer the prayers of the beleaguered franchise, officials apparently went looking overseas to Norway for a savior.

"They had watched the video and they liked what they saw and they wanted me to go to tryouts," said Rugland.

It was a pretty great accomplishment for Rugland, who may have been kicking a soccer ball his whole life, but only started kicking a football a year and a half ago.

And the tryout went well for Rugland.

"Out of 20 kicks, I made 16, 17, I think," he said.

"What you can see in the video is that he's got ability and he's able to do some things or have some traits that you want to look at further," Eric Mangini, an ESPN football analyst, told ABC News.

But as far as all those trick kicks he highlights in his video, you can't help but wonder how many times it took to get it right.

"Some kicks went really fast and some on the first try. And some others I had to work a little bit on," Rugland said.

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