Mall Santa Won't Let Kids Sit in Lap

VIDEO: Maine mall received several complaints from parents about its less-than-jolly Saint Nick.

Kids in Maine wanted to meet Santa, but ended up visiting a real Ebenezer Scrooge instead.

Parents who brought their kids to the Maine Mall in South Portland, say they were met by a shopping center Santa who was rude and dismissive of their children and would not even let them sit in his lap.

"He just put his hands on his lap so I couldn't go on," 6-year-old Chantel Mailhiot told WGME-TV.

When the little girl asked for an "American Girl" doll, Santa replied: "American football."

Her mother Jessica Mailhiot said Santa's attitude soured when she refused to purchase $20 worth of photos. Other parents complained to mall officials and vented online.

Steve Hardwin, owner of Worldwide Photography, the studio that employs St. Nick, refused to name the man playing Santa or say whether he had been fired.

"Our job is to provide great experience for boys and girls. We're going to make sure everyone who comes to Maine Mall has a great time," he said, adding that one "can't just fire Santa" and that he only works for "milk and cookies anyway."

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