Ram on the Run Caught in Iowa

A ram that was running through the streets of Des Moines, Iowa, and menaced pedestrians was corraled by a group of construction workers who grabbed it by the horns and held on.

The Navajo-Churro ram was first spotted Friday on Sixth Street and Indiana Avenue when it was brought to the police's attention, KCRG-TV9 reported.

The owner of the sheep, Travis Brodgen, called the police when the animal had gotten out. Other callers spotted it on Second Avenue near Interstate 235.

The police then chased the ram south to East Court Avenue.

Des Moines Police Chief Humane Officer Jim Butler told ABC News that nothing like this had happened before in the 24 years he has been a police officer. In October, a mountain lion was found in a Des Moines backyard and had to be shot.

The ram had been living in a dog pen, got loose and ran several miles, said Butler.

Amanda Lundberg had parked her car in the area and tweeted "@WHOhd - can you explain why there was a ram in the east village today?" along with this photo of the ram running down the sidewalk.

She wrote in the photo's caption, "The CRAZIEST thing just happened to me! I JUST SAW A RAM running at me in the parking lot! It was a lot closer but my camera wouldn't load AND I was scared by the policeman that yelled, 'be careful- if he gets too close he will head butt you!'"

"He was captured not too far behind our state judicial building," Butler said, adding that "construction workers saw it coming and channeled it and grabbed it by the horns." They were joined by police officers in wrestling the animal into custody. It took about three to four people to get a hold of the sheep that he estimated weighed about 150-160 pounds.

Police cited Brogden "for having an agricultural animal at large within the city limits." He is required to appear in court within the next 30 days.

The sheep has since been moved to a rural area in Marion, Iowa.

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