'The Grinch' Issues Speeding Tickets in Florida

VIDEO: Florida sheriffs officer dressed as the Dr. Seuss character gives onions to violating motorists.

(Larry Benevenuti/Florida Keys News Bureau)

If you think you've seen everything this holiday season, you may have missed Lou Caputo, a bureau chief at the Monroe County Sheriff's Office in Florida who operates a speed trap dressed as the Grinch.

Caputo has spent more than a decade dressing up as the devious, anti-holiday spirited character created by Dr. Seuss. He said he got the idea when, in 2000, he saw the film version of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," starring Jim Carrey. Caputo has worn the Grinch costume nearly every holiday season since.

"The Grinch was always a favorite of mine because he's a rascal but turns out to be a good guy." Caputo told ABC News. "My wife hand-made my hands, pants and hat."

Earlier this week, Caputo gave onions to 10 lucky motorists who chose them over traffic citations for speeding. Caputo says the onions serve as a warning to motorists who weren't speeding more than 5 mph over the limit. His holiday spirit does not extend to those driving faster than that; they get a ticket.

"Most kids really like the Grinch, they hug him, and they want to be around him. It's a way to talk about slowing down in school zones, but lightens up the mood up because it's the holidays."

(Larry Benevenuti/Florida Keys News Bureau)

Most of the time, drivers choose tears from an onion over tears from a ticket.

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