Cops Deliver Baby in Chicago-Area Traffic Jam

A deadly car accident outside of Chicago today almost proved devastating for a woman going into labor, but the quick work of first responders led to a successful - if nerve-racking - birth.

Hector Morales and his wife were heading to the hospital in Cicero, Ill., this morning - about nine miles from downtown Chicago - when they got stuck in a traffic jam caused by an earlier accident that left one woman dead, according to Cicero town spokesman Ray Hanania.

(Hector Morales)

With Morales' wife, Kahtryn Engle, in labor, there was no time to waste. Morales leapt out of his car and started waving his hands and screaming for help.

Fortunately for him, the policemen and firefighters who were directing traffic heard his calls and came to his aid. The first responders rushed to Morales' car and assisted Engle as she gave birth to a baby boy named Aidan, weighing 7.9 pounds.

Immediately afterwards, Engle and the newborn baby were taken to a nearby hospital for continued care.

"It saddened us to just find out of the terrible accident that took place hours before; our condolences to the families," Morales said in a statement. "I do want to thank the Cicero police and fire department[s]. The 911 dispatch center guided us quickly and calmly. At this time, mom and baby are resting and bonding, our family members are visiting and our thanks go out to everyone."

According to Hanania, Aidan was the first baby born in Cicero in all of 2013 because the town does not have a maternity hospital.

Meanwhile, Hanania said, the car accident that caused the traffic jam is under investigation. The woman who died in the crash was one of three people in a car, while the driver and another passenger are both in the hospital in serious condition.

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