Deer Stranded on Ice Coaxed to Safety

(Image Credit: WCBV/ABC News)

Massachusetts rescue crews braved frozen waters in two separate rescues today to bring stranded deer to safety.

The state environmental police, the Waltham fire department and the Animal Rescue League managed to coax the first deer from the slippery ice at Stony Brook Basin in Waltham today, ABC News affiliate WCVB-TV reported.

A short while later, rescuers responded to a report that another deer was stranded in the Cambridge Reservoir in Waltham.

As it tried to flee, the deer was captured on video slipping and sliding on the ice as rescuers slowly made their way to the animal using an inflatable raft.

The rescue crews were able to subdue the deer and bring it to safety on land. The doe was taken for a medical evaluation and later had to be euthanized, WCVB reported.

A third deer was found dead today on the ice in Waltham.

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