(VIDEO): Viral Video Shows Cat Leading Dog Home by Leash

VIDEO: Ruti the cat pulls on a leash to lead Pemba the Jack Russell terrier home.

Cats and dogs don't always get along, but Pemba and Ruti have a different kind of relationship.

The video uploaded to YouTube by Dafna Kopelis of Tel Aviv shows her pets' unusual interaction on the street. Ruti the cat can be seen leading Pemba the Jack Russell terrier home by his leash. The clip, which is just under a minute long, starts with the cat using her mouth to pick up the leash that's connected to Pemba's collar. Ruti tugs, Pemba obediently follows.

The dog gets distracted midwalk and stops to smell the ground, but the cat won't allow it. She gives a stern meow and another strong tug, and the dog quickly falls in line, trotting behind her and up two flights of stairs, heading home.

Kopelis shot the video last week and uploaded it to YouTube on Saturday. As of Wednesday, it had been viewed more than 500,000 times.

She explained that she had taken her baby and her pets for their customary morning walk. She dropped the dog's leash briefly to pick up her baby, and that's when the cat picked up the leash. Kopelis took out her phone and began to record. She can even be heard laughing in the background when she sees what Ruti has done.

"It was so funny, I couldn't help myself," Kopelis told ABCNews.com in an email Wednesday, adding that she didn't train Ruti to do that. "At the start I thought that she just wants to play with the leash but when … I gave her only the leash she showed no interest, every time I put the leash on Pemba or my other dog, she takes them places."

She added that she's glad people enjoy the video and is amazed at the overwhelming response.

"I realize that this is very special. I like it that people enjoy the movie," she wrote.

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