Family Surprises Father 20 Years Later With Funny Photo Re-Creation

(Image Credit: Courtesy Paul Bugnot)

One French father had to do a double-take after receiving his family's birthday present last year.

His son, Paul Bugnot, 21, a professional photographer, thought an entertaining gift idea would be to recreate one of their favorite family photos exactly 20 years after the original was taken in the South of France in 1992, in Banyuls-sur-Mer.

"I saw the original picture in my parent's room, and I thought our faces were really fun," Bugnot wrote to in an email. "As his birthday was coming soon, I thought it would be a good picture. I had the idea in the morning. My brothers were both coming home this day, a rare occasion recently, and I snapped the picture when my father wasn't home."

Bugnot says his family prefers to do funny gifts for birthdays, so the picture worked out perfectly.

"[He] was really touched, maybe by the fact that we grew up really fast," Bugnot said. "I was glad that he liked it, even if it wasn't a big present."

And apparently the rest of the Internet really liked the photo, too, because it has garnered more than 1 million views since Bugnot originally posted it to Reddit 11 months ago.

"I posted it on Reddit thinking that it would make three strangers smile," Bugnot said. "Now more than 1 million people saw it and even people I don't know are sharing it on my Facebook wall. It's kind of crazy."

The picture features Bugnot as the baby held by his mother, standing alongside his two brothers, now ages 30 and 24. The new version was taken last year in the Paris neighborhood of Le Perreux-sur-Marne, where Paul Bugnot lives.

"I'm happy that my family is so united that we can still do this kind of thing even 20 years later," he said.

(Image Credit: Courtesy Paul Bugnot)

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