200-Pound Bear Pulled From Colorado Springs Tree

Colorado Springs Fire Department

Firefighters in Colorado more used to pulling frightened cats down from high trees had a change of pace Sunday when a 200-pound bear was found in a tree high above Colorado Springs.

The female black bear made its way into the tree Sunday morning but was not discovered by local residents until around 3 p.m., according to wildlife officials.

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The bear's ascent brought out both Colorado Springs' firefighters and officers from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department. Their first attempt to subdue the bear with a tranquilizer proved unsuccessful, pushing the bear to climb even higher up the tree, according to local ABC affiliate KMGH.

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Officers fired a second tranquilizer shot and then watched, joined by a crowd of bewildered residents , and waited until they were sure the bear was fully sedated.

Around 8 p.m., nearly five hours after the bear was first spotted, it was removed from the tree.

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Dramatic photos posted to the city's fire department Twitter account show the bear being lowered by a fire truck ladder, which was required because the bear had climbed so high up the tree.

The bear will be rereleased into the wild but at a location at least 100 miles away from where it was found, wildlife officials said.

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