Boy, 2, Falls Asleep Behind the Wheel of His Toy Truck

VIDEO: Little Boy Falls Asleep Driving Toy Truck

Little Jonah Willis, who is turning 2 in July, just wanted to hit the road.

So much so that despite literally falling asleep behind the wheel, he kept trying with all his might to drive his toy truck around the backyard.

"We were just playing in the backyard with his dog and his brother," the boy's uncle, Rusa Som, 27, told "He was riding in the car for over an hour, just going in circles. His dad just decided to record it because he started falling asleep."

The toy truck is actually Jonah's older brother's toy, which he decided to confiscate for the afternoon, attempting to get as much mileage out of it as he could.

Som posted the video on his YouTube channel Saturday night, and by Sunday morning the video had already surpassed 15,000 views, quickly jumping to the nearly 117,000 it has now.

"I had a million messages in my inbox," Som said. "I honestly was going to upload it up to Facebook, but I just put it on YouTube because I have my own channel. One of my friends is a blogger and he posted it to Reddit and it made the top video section on the site."

Unfortunately for Jonah, however, his time on the open road was numbered. His father, John Willis, 37, eventually unplugged the truck as Jonah's foot was still on the pedal, prompting poor little Jonah to start crying before actually going down for a real nap.

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