Caught on Tape: Motorcyclist Crashes Into 2 Bicyclists

VIDEO: Edwards Corner on California highway is so dangerous photographers camp out to capture wrecks.

A crash between two bicyclists and a motorcyclist on a dangerous stretch of California roadway known as "the snake" was caught on camera Saturday.

Two bicyclists were traveling along the scenic Mulholland Highway in Malibu, Calif., Saturday afternoon when a motorcyclist drifted onto the road's shoulder and hit them from behind.

The motorcyclist, who was not identified, "hit his foot and stood the bike up causing the bike to go wide," according to a description on the YouTube video showing the crash.

The two cyclists both suffered only minor injuries. According to the YouTube description, one of the cyclists was visiting from England and was discharged from a local hospital the same day as the crash with no broken bones.

"I asked him what hurt the most and it was his elbow and lower back," Dr. Ramin Modabber said of one of the cyclists, whom he treated at the scene. "He was sitting up in pain."

The particular 2.4 mile-long stretch of Mulholland Highway where the crash occurred has earned the nickname "the snake" because of its tightly coiled curves and hairpin turns.

Motorcycle wrecks are so common along the roadway that two photographers and one videographer come to the stretch every weekend to capture the slide-outs. The videos are then posted to a YouTube channel where the compilation of crashes has garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

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