Global News Quiz for May 18-19

Have you been following this week's international headlines? Test your knowledge with this week's Global News Quiz. (Answers at the bottom.)

1. David Beckham announced his retirement from soccer this week. He's married to Victoria - but what was her name in the Spice Girls?

2. A volcano outside Mexico City has begun erupting, threatening towns 40 miles from the capital. What is it called?

3. Which U.S. company started cross-border take-away deliveries from Egypt into Gaza this week?

4. This weekend, Burma's President Thein Sein arrives in the United States to meet President Obama. In 1989, the country's military government changed the country's name to Myanmar. But what is the name of its capital?

5. The United States took on Iran this week. But in what sport and where?

6. This week the Turkish PM Erdogan visited President Obama at the White House. But what is the name of the Turkish border town where car bombs killed more than 40 people last weekend?

7. What is the name of the U.S. diplomat, detained in Moscow, accused of being an American spy?

8. Britain's Prince Harry ended his visit to the United States with a game of Polo to raise money for his African charity. What is it called?

9. Which Pakistani politician was elected the country's new Prime Minister last weekend?

10. Shane Rattenbury was knocked down during a morning jog in Canberra, Australia, on Thursday? But what was it that he collided with?

11. This week the Arctic Council met in Stockholm. Name the other 7 nations that make up the council in addition to Sweden.

12. Tomorrow 125 million people will tune in to watch one of the world's biggest non-sporting events. What is it?

13. King Juan Carlos has given up what to show solidarity with austerity in Spain?

14. Which former Iranian leader has announced he wants to stand in next month's election to succeed President Ahmadinejad?

15. The Cannes Film Festival began this week. But what is the name of the prize given to the film voted best movie?


1. Posh Spice 2. Popocatepetl 3. KFC 4. Naypyitaw 5. Wresting at Grand Central Terminal 6. Reyhandli 7. Ryan Fogle 8. Sentebale 9. Nawaz Sharif 10. Kangaroo 11. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia & the United States 12. Eurovision Song Contest 13. $27m yacht, Fortuna 14. Rafsanjani 15. Palme D'Or

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