Hero the Calf to Walk Again

VIDEO: Hero the calfs Virginia caretakers are raising money for the replacement limbs.

A brave calf named Hero is getting new hooves.

Hero was only a few months old when he lost his back two hooves from frostbite.

He was taken in by Kitty Martin, of Augusta County, Va., who gave him his name.

"We need heroes right now. That's why we named him that," Martin told ABC affiliate WHSV.

Martin is the founder of Selah Ranch Animal Rescue, a Christian-based animal rescue that "never turns a needy animal away," according to Martin.

"I made a deal with God that if He made a way to provide and feed these animals, I would take any animal that I could," Martin told WHSV.

Martin says Hero needs two prosthetic replacement limbs to restore his ability to walk. The procedure will cost at least $7,000. Fundraising efforts are currently underway on Selah Ranch's Facebook page.

According to the Facebook page, a veterinarian in Colorado will be fitting Hero with his prosthetic limbs. Calls to the doctor were not immediately returned.

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