Teacher Makes Super Sweet Graduation Notes for Each Student

Courtesy Sui Lan Gomez

Sui Lan Gomez, a teacher in Kamuela, Hawaii, handmade these sweet graduation notes for each of her six students.

"I wanted to do something that was fun and creative, and those candy bars have such cool logos," Gomez told GoodMorningAmerica.com.

Gomez has been a teacher for 22 years. Four years ago, she left her job as a tenured public school teacher to work in the private sector.

"This is the fourth year I've done it," said Gomez, 48. "I always try to do something for the different holidays. I try to make it special for them the next day. These guys are going on to middle school so I wanted to make it special."

The full note uses different candy to create the message: "Look! I have some good news for you! Even though this year may have been a rocky road with your schoolwork, you got a big hunk of work done! I hope you learned to work now & later play, then maybe you'll grow up to be successful nerds and make 100 grand. Love, Ms. Gomez."

Her students, ranging from 4 th to 7 th grade, enjoyed their special graduation gifts.

"They smiled, they laughed. They thought it was great. Their moms did, too," Gomez explained. "That was my whole idea. To brighten up their day. I know it hasn't been easy with the different challenges you've had throughout the year, but you know what, celebrate your accomplishments."

Gomez wants the notes to serve as an inspirational message.

"They can catch a vision," she said. "They laughed when they thought I was calling them nerds. I don't want you to be a nerd. But there were no candy bars called 'Cool Dude.'"

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