The Living Is Queasy in Circle Wheel House

"The Wheel House" is a performance piece that uses a circus wheel, fashioned into a home, which two performers (drifters) maneuver through and around while the audience views and, at some performances, travels alongside.

The wheel itself is made up to resemble a home with doors and windows, pots and pans, and even curtains, while the drifters perform aerial feats and breathtaking acrobatic tricks. The interactive performance has traveled to several countries and been viewed by thousands around the world.

The 25-minute piece was selected as one of the United Kingdom shows in the renowned "Piccadilly Circus Circus," as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad. The troupe performing the piece Acrojou was established by main performers Jeni Barnard and Barney White, and has created and performed several pieces using the circus wheel.

"The Wheel House" Performance

The Wheel House, Mark Morreaux

The Wheel House, Steve White

The Wheel House, Mark Morreaux

The Wheel House, Steve White

Here is a selection of Acrojou's past performances. To view these and other images or to learn more about the troupe, visit Acrojou's website.

Dust, Bertil Nilsson

Crying Out Loud, Hannah Edy

Lifted, Bertil Nilsson

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