Zumba Prostitute Sentenced to 10 Months in Jail

VIDEO: Maine judge sentenced Alexis Wright, 30, on 20 counts, including prostitution and tax evasion.

The zumba exercise coach whose workouts included prostitution for select clients in her quaint Maine town was sentenced today to 10 months in jail and ordered to pay $57,280.54 in restitution fees.

Alexis Wright , 30, was convicted in March of 20 counts including prostitution, conspiracy, tax evasion and theft by deception. She was sentenced today by Judge Nancy Mills.

Wright cried as she addressed the court, telling the judge she was glad to be done with prostitution.

"In my eyes I'm free. I free from this," the Associated Press reported.

The judge told Wright, "Based on what you have to say and what I know about you from your attorney, I know that you will succeed when you're released and that you will prevail. I wish you success."

Wright was arrested on Valentine's Day 2012 when detectives searched her zumba studio after receiving complaints from her Kennebunkport neighbors about hearing unusual moans and groans that did not sound like exercise. The resulting scandal eventually included a former mayor, minister, high school hockey coach, lawyer and firefighter.

Wright was initially charged with 106 counts of prostitution, conspiracy and welfare and tax frauds, but prosecutors reduced Wright's charges to 20 counts after she agreed to cooperate with authorities.

"It was an agreed upon sentence reached over two days of plea negotiations," York County Deputy District Attorney Justina McGettigan told ABC News today. "We are satisfied with the outcome. Wright took responsibility for actions against the state and admitted to committing the act of engaging in prostitution. She goes into custody today."

Wright reportedly made $150,000 from 150 clients over an 18 month period, videotaped her clients without their knowledge, and kept detailed records of client names, sex positions, and payments with her business partner Mark Strong, 57.

Strong was convicted of 13 prostitution-related accounts and sentenced to 20 days in jail.

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