ABC NEWS SPECIAL REPORT: Supreme Court Punts on Affirmative Action

VIDEO: Supreme Court decides not to rule on controversial case, returns it back to a Texas appeals court.

As the Supreme Court ruled to send affirmative action case back to the lower court, ABC News aired a special report to the ABC Television Network anchored by George Stephanopoulos ( @GStephanopoulos). He was joined by Terry Moran ( @TerryMoran) reporting from the Supreme Court, Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl ( @JonKarl) , Senior Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas ( @PierreTABC), and Chief Legal Affairs Anchor Dan Abrams ( @DanAbrams) for reaction and analysis.

Moran, who covers the Supreme Court for ABC News, was recently recognized by the White House Correspondents' Association with the Merriman Smith Award for excellence in presidential coverage under deadline pressure for his reporting on the Supreme Court's ruling on the Affordable Care Act last year.

Terry Moran will have a full report on Court's ruling and its implications tonight on " World News with Diane Sawyer." LIVE UPDATES: Supreme Court Punts on Affirmative Action

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