Kitten Trapped in a Sacramento Storm Drain Is Rescued

After spending four days trapped in a storm drain at a remote Sacramento intersection, a calico kitten was rescued thanks to a few teenagers who responded to its frantic and frightened meows.

The teenagers tried to pull the kitten out using a rope and when that failed, the teenagers called the fire department. Fire authorities responded and discovered that the kitten was located 50 to 60 feet down a pipe in the storm drain.

"There was no way for us to access the animal," Fire Capt. Todd Filbrun told ABC News.

So they figured out how to make the kitten come to them.

"There was a manhole on the opposite side of the animal," Filbrun said. "They blew compressed oxygen in the hole, which created a loud noise and it scared the cat towards me. That's essentially how we got him out."

But after the kitten was safe, no one offered to take the animal home, according to Filbrun.

"There weren't many people anyway," Dave Marquis, a reporter with ABC affiliate KXTV, said. "It was in a very remote area and no one was willing to take her."

"At the end of the whole thing we said, 'What's gonna happen with the kitty?'" Marquis said.

So Marquis and the KXTV team decided to care for the kitten. The station is trying to find the original owner before they proceed to find her a home.

"We don't just wanna hand her off," Marquis said. "We wanna make sure someone wonderful gets her."

According to animal care services officer Gina Knepp, animal control typically responds to calls or requests concerning animal rescues, but in this case the fire department initially called animal control then canceled the request.

"For example, when we get a report of a dog in a hot car, it's our job to respond to that. The fire department will go if we don't respond," she said. "The cat was not injured and it was a happy ending."

For Filbrun, the rescue is a task he is glad to have been a part of.

"It's always a good feeling to help out whether it's a citizen or distressed animal," he said. "We're happy that we were actually able to help out. There's no question he would have died in there if we weren't able to get [her]."

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