March of the Clones: Eye-Popping Hypnotic GIFs

Turkish filmmaker, digital artist and painter Erdal Inci has been experimenting with video since 2004. Over the course of several months, Inci converted some of his videos by looping frames together into a series of hypnotic, animated GIFs.

All Images © Erdal Inci

In these a performer (often Inci himself) is shown as a march of clones, or playing with light, while interacting with a street or a space. These 20-second clips are then seamlessly edited into mesmerizing infinite loops of varying numbers of frames, which play out in real or accelerated time.

"I started to think about time, repetition, rhythm and motion, mainly," says Inci, "and how I can perform in the street to make them not only somehow beautiful visual loops but ones that can feel indescribable or indistinct."

Erdal Inci lives and works in Istanbul. You can see his entire series of animated GIFs on his Tumblr. His works have been exhibited at the Moving the Still GIF Festival at Art Basel in Miami Beach, and at Action Gallery in Milan and Naples.

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