Mom Delivers Twins on Utah Highway, Revives Firstborn Herself

VIDEO: Intense moments when a mother gave birth on I-80 were captured in a 911 call.

A Utah woman not only delivered twins on the side of Highway I-80 - about 25 miles outside of Wendover - but revived one of the babies herself.

In a dramatic 20-minute 911 call obtained by ABC News, Lynette Hales can be heard crying over her nonbreathing baby while a dispatcher instructed her on how to perform CPR.

"My daughter told the driver that the babies were on their way, and they needed help," Hales mother, Sharon Wyatt, told ABC News. "So they pulled to the side of the road, and the first one was born and was not breathing."

"Oh my God. The baby is coming out in the sack," Hales' friend can be heard saying to the 911 operator. "Support the head and shoulders," the 911 operator instructed. "Tilt the head and give two puffs of air into the mouth."

Hales resuscitated the firstborn, and approximately half an hour later, the second baby was delivered by state troopers, who'd shut down a portion of the highway to assist with the birth.

Hales and her two sons, who weren't due until August, were taken to Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Utah. Born two months premature, "both of them were just over 3 pounds, but they're doing fine now, they're making it," Wyatt said. "I think my daughter did wonderful under the circumstances."

Jess Gomez, a spokesman for Intermountain Medical Center, said that despite her exhaustion, Hales was doing well and was recuperating.

"The twin boys, J.J. and A.J., are being treated in the newborn intensive care unit, and are both doing well," Gomez said. "They were born a little small, so they are getting some extra care but they're doing well."

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