WATCH: Fishermen Get Whale of a Surprise

VIDEO: Fishermen Get Whale of a Surprise

This big fish story is actually true.

Anglers on a trip in Alaska had a halibut on their line, when a killer whale swam up and made off with it.

Video of the incident shows the halibut on the hook in the water, then the enormous whale surfaces and bites at the fish.

"Oh! Oh! Oh my God! Are you kidding me," one of the men on the boat can be heard saying.

Video of the incident was posted to YouTube on Saturday by Frank Sanders and Charles Barberini. The clip had racked up more than 57,000 views as of Tuesday night.

Details about when and how the incident happened were not immediately available, but the conversation at the beginning of the video seemed to indicate that the men on the boat expected something exciting to happen. reached Barberini by phone on Tuesday evening but he said he wasn't able to comment because he was on the water.

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