Fla. Dog Hospitalized After Highway Ride Under Car Hood

VIDEO: Rescuers in Florida removed pup that had been stuck between a cars axle and steering mechanism.

A stray Florida puppy that was rescued by local firefighters after being trapped under the hood of a fast-moving car for about 5 miles is still suffering from injuries, and will be taken by an animal-rescue group.

The 3-month-old dog was found stuck between the steering mechanism and the axle July 4, according to Mike Jachles, a spokesman for the Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue .

"[the dog] was right up there near the engine compartment," Jachles said. "One wrong move could have been the end of the dog."

Jachles said he had seen plenty of cats trapped under hoods of cars, but never a dog.

The dog is at the Hollywood Animal Hospital, and has been identified as a stray after no one came forward to claim her, hospital spokeswoman Lisa Ream said. She will be being taken by Save-a-Pet Florida Inc.

Kathy Wells, the executive director of Save-a-Pet Florida Inc., said she was supposed to pick up the dog today, but it needs to remain at the hospital. Her stomach is badly burned, she said, and it has developed a bacterial condition.

The car in which the dog was stuck traveled south on Interstate 95 about 5 miles from Florida's Hallandale Beach to Dania Beach.

Ream, who described the dog as a "sincere mutt" - a shepherd-pitbull-Labrador mix - said the dog is undergoing another medical evaluation today.

Founded 40 years ago, Save-a-Pet Foundation "actively rescues homeless animals and places them in foster homes for socialization," according to its website. The organization brings the animals to Petco Animal Supplies for adoption after they are vaccinated and sterilized.

Wells said the dog's new-found fame ensures that she will quickly find a home.

"Because [the dog] made the news, everyone is going to want [the dog]," she said. "I have no doubt that this dog will get a good home."

(Image Credit) Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue

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