Royal Baby Cheat Sheet: His Path to the Throne

VIDEO: Will and Kates new son will be third in line to the British throne.

If all this royal baby buzz - it's a BOY!!! - has you wondering who gets the British throne when Queen Elizabeth ends her more-than-60-year reign, here's a crash course.

Until this year, females in the House of Windsor were decidedly second-class.

For instance, Elizabeth and Prince Philip had two children when she became queen. Charles, her oldest, naturally became the heir to the throne. Next in line was her daughter, Anne.

However, when Andrew and Edward were born to the queen, Anne was forced to take a backseat despite being older.

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Because the children of the eldest son have precedence, Anne got bumped again behind William and Harry, Charles' sons with Diana.

With the arrival of William's first child - name to be determined - how does the line of succession now run and where does that place Anne?

Well, for starters, in May, the queen confirmed that the British government would work with commonwealth countries to create a new succession law.

U.K. legislation has not yet been passed to change the existing laws. It was understood, however, that the proposed legislation would apply to Charles' descendants - meaning that the new baby could eventually succeed to the throne.

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So, after the new baby, Harry, Charles' second son, is in line for the throne. Following behind Harry is Andrew and, soon, his two daughters with Sarah Ferguson.

The two daughters - Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie - jump ahead of Edward, his two children and, of course, Anne.

And by the way, after Anne comes 30 other royals all ready for the throne, ending with the queen's first cousin, Princess Alexandra.

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