Well-Dressed Man on NYC Bank Robbery Spree

VIDEO: Andre Calix is sought in connection with at least six robberies in Manhattan since last month.

With his collared shirt, tie, fedora and black leather briefcase Andre Calix looks like he could work in a bank. Instead he's been identified as the prime suspect in six Manhattan bank robberies and the FBI considers him armed and dangerous.


His alleged robbery spree began June 3 at two in the afternoon inside a Capital One branch on Broadway. He was last seen robbing an HSBC branch on Park Avenue July 8 at about 11 a.m.

New York City Police said in the first five heists Calix approached a teller, passed a note demanding money and then fled. In the most recent bank robbery police said he flashed a semi-automatic handgun.

Andre Calix is 31 and described as six feet tall, 180 lbs. with black hair and brown eyes. The FBI said he sometimes uses the alias Greg Barnard.

"We encourage anyone with information to contact the FBI," said Peter Donald in the FBI New York Field Office. "Someone knows something about this well-dressed bandit."

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