Alleged Rapist Mistakenly Released From Jail, Then Captured

Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office

An accused rapist who was mistakenly allowed to walk free in Salt Lake County, Utah, after a paperwork oversight has been re-arrested, and his wife has been charged with helping him evade police, officials said.

Anthony Moultry, 27, was caught in downtown Salt Lake City at around 10 a.m. local time, Sgt. Cammie Skogg of the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office told ABC News.

"Charges have been filed and he won't be released," Skogg said. "He will be in our facility until he sees a judge."

Moultry's wife, Rainey Moultry, 44, was arrested at a separate location and charged with second-degree obstruction of justice for allegedly helping her husband avoid re-arrest, officials said.

Anthony Moultry was accidentally allowed to walk free from Salt Lake County Jail Wednesday despite being suspected of rape and burglary. He was initially arrested three days ago after allegedly raping an area woman and stealing her wallet. He was locked up on a 72-hour hold pending official criminal charges.

When prosecutors were unable to bring charges within the 72-hour window, police in Murray, Utah, filed new paperwork with the sheriff's office in order to keep Moultry behind bars.

But Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder's office did not see or possibly misidentified the paperwork requesting the extension, and Moultry was allowed to walk free, Winder said.

"We know that we received that document," Winder told ABC News affiliate KTVX. "For whatever reason, that document misidentified or the process faltered. … Again, [the] normal booking sheet indicated a release [Wednesday] and he was allowed to walk out of jail."

The sheriff's office considered Moultry to be potentially violent and dangerous, and notified the victim in the case of his re-arrest.

"At this point, she is aware," Skoggs said. "We have contacted her and made her aware that the arrest has taken place."

Moultry was being held in Salt Lake County Jail on rape and burglary charges awaiting his arraignment. His wife was being held at the same facility.

Police did not know whether or not either he or his wife had retained an attorney.

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