Daredevils Highline 3,000 Feet Above Yosemite National Park

Whether you consider them to be daredevils, fearless or crazy, the Moab Monkeys, a group of athletes and filmmakers who travel the world highlining, slacklining and BASE jumping, are making headlines.

A recent stunt from the Monkeys, based out of Moab, Utah, shows them highlining - or balancing on a thin nylon wire - more than 3,000 feet above Yosemite National Park.

'Fearless' Daredevils Walk Slack Line 3,000 Feet Above the Ground

"You feel like the king of the world," said Hayley Ashburn, a Moab Monkey member. "You set your goal and when you achieve that goal, it's just the best feeling."

"You feel so great about yourself," she said.

Ashburn and the other Moab Monkeys travel the world in search of the most exotic locations where they can perform their stunts high in the air.

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The adrenaline junkies perform squats, double drops and even splits on the wire while relying on only a harness to protect them from falling to the ground below.

"Most of the fear is just this primal instinct not to step out over the abyss, but physically you're safe," Ashburn said.

Now that the Monkeys have conquered Yosemite and Rio de Janeiro this past winter, they plan to go to Switzerland next.

"It's mind-blowing, beautiful and amazing," Ashburn said of the experience. "When you walk it's this experience that is almost hard to describe. It's incomparable."

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