Indiana School Welcomes 8 Sets of Twins in One Grade

VIDEO: Pipe Creek Elementary school officials will keep the pairs together in the same class.

Pipe Creek Elementary School has 168 kindergarten students this year, and 16 of them are twins.

"We have eight sets of twins this year," says principal Laura Fulton. "And they're all such sweet, sweet kids. It's phenomenal."

Fulton says the coincidence is even more unbelievable because the Peru, Ind., school district is so small, with 2,100 kids total. Pipe Creek is home to all of the kindergarten students in the district, split up into eight classes.

"We put one set of twins in each class and kept the siblings together," Fulton says.

She said they left the decision to the parents, and this is the arrangement they preferred. But this setup is also best for the school.

"It helps with management," the principal said. "I know that sounds silly, but it just helps for when we have events on different nights for different classes. This way, it's one schedule per family."

Fulton said the entire situation is mind-boggling but positive.

"Education is so much under the microscope all the time and teachers are under so much pressure, but this is just a much-needed lighthearted story," Fulton said. "And there's no way this will ever happen again. These kids will never forget this."

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