Puppy Thief Puts Pooches in His Pants

VIDEO: A man at a Florida pet store goes below the waist in concealing his alleged theft.

Orlando police are looking for a puppy thief who stole two pooches by stuffing them in his pants.

Donald Glatz, who police list a s the owner of The Puppy Stop in Orlando, told the police this weekend that the dogs were stolen after two men and a woman entered his store.

Glatz said that after noticing the pups were gone, he checked his surveillance tapes and noticed one of the men pick up a pug puppy, put it in his pants and walk out of the store, according to the police report. He then returned, slipped a dachshund puppy into his pants and left the store along with his two companions, police said.

The two puppies that were stolen were worth a total of $1644.35, according to the police.

The Puppy Stop did not return calls for comments.

Charles Glatz, who is listed as the president of the company, told ABC Affiliate WFTV that he could not believe the suspects had gotten away with theft while he was in the store.

"It was shocking that I was standing 3 feet away writing up a sale and didn't see it," he told the station.


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