"Would You Fall For That?" Airs Friday, August 2, 9pm ET on ABC

The Cameras are Rolling as "Would You Fall for That?" Embarks on an Entertaining Adventure Examining Human Behavior

Would you follow your instincts, or would you follow the herd? From the creators of "What Would You Do?" comes "Would You Fall for That?" - a one hour show that takes eye-opening and sometimes head-scratching psychological experiments out of the classroom and into the real world. "Would You Fall for That?" secretly transforms public parks, art galleries, tourist attractions and other everyday locations into settings for social experiments that reveal the often funny and provocative ways the human mind can play tricks on us. Anchored by ABC News Correspondent Nick Watt, and featuring comedians Scott Rogowsky and Sasheer Zamata, "Would You Fall for That?" asks and answers some of the most mind boggling questions about human behavior. "Would You Fall for That?" airs Friday, August 2 (9:00 - 10:00 pm ET) on the ABC Television Network.

On August 2 nd episode:

  • Power Drink/The Placebo Effect: Will beachgoers feel stronger and more energetic after drinking what they are told is an energy drink that is actually nothing more than club soda? "Would You Fall for That" tests their strength, before and after drinking the placebo drink, on the classic carnival game, the High Striker.
  • Marry a Stranger/Obedience: How far will people go just because they are told to do something? Could "Would You Fall for That" actually get someone off the street to marry a stranger?
  • Celebrity/Follow the Crowd: Social science tells us in situations where people are unsure of what to do, they generally just follow along with the crowd. We test this theory by dressing Sasheer up like a pop icon, and bring her to Times Square accompanied by fake fans and fake paparazzi. Will the fake hype generate real hype? Will people believe she is a superstar, simply because we've made her look like one?
  • Lost Dog: If you were given a "Lost Dog" flyer, do you think you'd recognize the same dog if he was standing 50 feet away? What if the dog is dressed in a Elvis Presley costume?


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