Blinded Boy's Aunt Accused of Gouging

VIDEO: Chinese police say the chief suspect in the boys blinding was his aunt who committed suicide.

The chief suspect in the cruel blinding of a boy in China is the boy's aunt, who recently committed suicide, police told the official Xinhua News Agency.

The case horrified the Chinese public and the police offered $16,000 as a reward for capturing the boy's assailant. On Tuesday, the police claimed that they had found traces of the boy's blood and DNA on his aunt's clothes.

Guo's aunt, Zhang Huiying, 41, reportedly committed suicide by jumping into a well on Aug. 30. After her death, police named her as the chief suspect.

The boy, Guo Bin, was attacked by an unidentified woman while he was playing outside his home in the Chinese city of Linfen on the evening of Aug. 24. The woman lured him to field where she gouged out his eyes.

According to Chinese media, Guo Bin, 6, told his parents that he was lured off by a woman with dyed blonde hair and an out-of-town accent.

Guo Bin's mother said the boy was disoriented after the traumatic attack, the Associated Press reports.

"He said her accent was from another region, but later amended that. He then said it was a local accent, but he did not say it was his aunt," Guo bin's mother told AP. She also denied there was any dispute between them and the aunt.

The aunt's motives in attacking the boy and committing suicide remain unclear.

Guo Bin is recovering in the hospital. Hong Kong-based eye specialist Dr. Dennis Lam has offered to treat Guo Bin at no charge. He has sent doctors to evaluate the boy's eyes, and they are optimistic that the boy can be fitted with ocular implants which will restore some of his vision.

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